The Community Shop

Become a member of my shop and enjoy affordable access to a shop fully stocked with woodworking tools while working along other inspiring makers.

This is how it works:

1st Take Safety Certification class

Anyone planning on booking time in the shop must enroll in a Safety Certification class.You'll need to demonstrate to me that you have an understanding of safety and operation of each of the following tools: tablesaw, bandsaw, mitersaw, planer, jointer, drill press, and routers. If you are a beginner, you should enroll prior in the Intro to Woodworking class where we go in great detail how to use all the machinery and tools in the shop. And you should also look into one of the project classes prior to booking time in the shop. This way I can see what your skills are in the shop before becoming a member.



2nd Book Shop Time

Reserve and pay for your shop time by clicking on the plan you choose below. Then it will take you to the class store where you checkout like any online checkout process. We offer Pay-As-You-Go plans or a unlimited 4 or 12 month commitment plan with added benefits. Learn more about member plans, availability, and what's included.

Depending on what membership plan you purchase, there is a discount code needed to purchase the Safety Certification class. You must email me for that code as they are different based on what plan. 

Also, you must fill out the WAIVER FORM found on the School Info & Forms page in order to work in the MemberSHOP. Without a signed waiver you cannot work in the shop.

3rd Lets Start Building

Bring your own lumber, supplies, finish, and plans. You can even bring your own tools (as long as they can fit in a tool chest you must provide)

Availability of Shop

In order to have adequate work space in the shop to use the tools, I must limit the number of shop members at any given time to 3 people. You can use the Class Events Calendar to see when shop time is available. You must contact me using the contact form found on the Class Events Calendar page with what times you plan on coming to the shop. This way I can update the calendar with adjusted times and other members can see shop availability (also so that I know when you are coming).

Shop Rules

  • You must respect the shop as this is a shared space between other makers and CT woodwork

  • If you break any tool you must pay for a replacement/parts

  • Once done with a tool please put them back where they belong. No need to leave a sloppy shop

  • Must always wear safety protection when using all machinery and tools

Pay-As-You-Go 1 Day


Pay-As-You-Go 1 week


Pay-As-You-Go 1 month


Unlimited Membership 4 months


Unlimited Membership 12 months


Safety Certification Class



Limited to only 2 members per day. You will be required to wash you hands 1st thing and wear a mask.

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