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Wood Milling

Do you have lumber that is riough and you plan on using for a project but no means of milling it flat? I now offer milling services at my shop.

I have a Laguna JX16 16" spiral head jointer for flattening a face of a board and squaring up a edge. I also have a Powermatic 15HH 15" planer for milling boards flat and down to a set thickness. And a 5hp Sawstop industrial tablesaw to rip down your wood to size.

The current pricing is as follows:

board footage x 1.5 = $ for 2 faces milled (S2S)

board footage x 2 = $ for 2 faces + 1 edge milled (S2S1E)

board footage x 2.5 = $ for 2 faces + 2 edges milled (S4S)

If you don't know how to measure your wood in board footage, use the formula below to calculate that.

bd ft = thickness in inches x width in inches x length in inches / 144


For example: A board that measures 1" thick x 8" wide x 96" long

1" x 8" x 96"/144 = 5.3bd ft

Click HERE for a link to a board footage calulator

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