101 Classes

In 101 classes you will learn all there is about the given topic. These classes focus on a single topic and are great for anyone including the advanced woodworker who wants to brush up on new things. Most classes are either 1 day class, or a night class which gives you plenty of time to absorb all the information in class. 

Joinery 101

Looking to learn the vast amount of woodworking joints used in furniture? Then this class is ideal for you to learn woodworking joinery. In the class, we will begin with an overview of joints and various ways of making them. Then we will practice joints utilizing the tablesaw, router table, mitersaw, Festool Domino, Kreg pocket screw jig, handsaws, and hand planes. The 1st half of practice will be geared towards using power tools. The 2nd half of the practice will be geared more towards hand tools and some power tools. You will also learn how to sharpen chisels and hand planes using the worksharp and sharpening stones. By the end of the class you will know some of these joints: dovetails, mortise and tenon, tongue and groove, miters, dowel joint, pocket screws, Festool Dominos, dadoes and rabbets, splines, biscuits, and lap joints. 

Key Points

  • Understand the best joints for the project in mind

  • Sharpening hand tools

  • Utilize accessories

  • Layout of joints and setting up tools

Class Size: 3 Students (1 session class)


  • February 8th Saturday @ 9:00am - 3:00pm

Price: $180 + $32 materials fee



Tools Required:

  1. Paper/pencil and notebook (for note taking if you wish)

  2. Safety glasses, ear protection, dust mask

  3. 16ft tape measure

  4. combination square (optional)

  5. set of chisels 1/4" to 1" (optional)

Sharp Tools 101

Having a set of sharp chisels and a hand plane is essential for any woodworker to have. In this class, you will experience the various ways to sharpen your tools to a sharp keen edge. The "Worksharp" will be the cornerstone to this class as I demonstrate how to use it to sharpen hand tools. Also, Waterstones and sandpaper will be discussed as options. Please bring your dull hand tools to practice on. You'll be going home with some razor edge tools ready to clean up some wood for your next project.

Key Points

  • Learn how to use the Worksharp

  • Simple process of using sandpaper

  • Maintaining your sharpened tools and sharpening systems

Class Size: 6 Students (1 session class)


  • December 2nd Monday @ 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Price: $90 + $0 materials fee




Tools Required:


  1. Hand planes/chisels needed to be sharpened to practice with

Bowties & Inlays 101

Curious on how to add accents to your project, or have a crack in the wood you want to stop? Then you should attend this class for that reason. You will learn how to make templates for bowties (and use store bought ones) and use them with a router with the help of a chisel. You will also learn how to apply inlays or embellishments into your work to spice it up. We will even discuss how to use dyed epoxy as an inlay material.

Key Points

  • How to create templates for bow ties

  • Using the combination of power tools & hand tools to complete the job of bowties and inlays

  • Discussing the right bowties and inlay for the project

  • Discussing the process of using epoxy in your inlay work

Class Size: 6 Students (1 session class)


Price: $90 + $0 materials fee

Handplanes 101

Handplanes are a vital tools in any woodworking shop and in this class you will learn how to use the range of handplanes. The class will focus on selection, setup, sharpening, and proper usage. There will also be discussion on specialty planes such as shoulder planes, moulding planes, and scrapers. Please bring your own hand planes to use if you would like.

Key Points

  • Selecting the planes for the task

  • Setting up your plane

  • Learn how to use specialty planes

  • Learn how to read the grain of the wood to reduce tearout

Class Size: 6 Students (1 session class)


  • December 5th Thursday @ 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Price: $90 + $0 materials fee

Wipe on Finishing 101

looking to learn more about wood finishing? In this class we will go over one type of application for finishing your project. Wiping on finish is the easiest and simplest way to complete a project.​ We will discuss different products, ways to wipe on, pros/cons, and cleanup. This will be a hands on class where you will be applying different finish products to sample sized boards so you can take them home once dry.

Key Points

  • Discuss the pros/cons to each finish product

  • Following the steps to apply wipe on finish

  • Learn how to make your own wipe on finish 

Class Size: 6 Students (1 session class)


  • December 6th Friday @ 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Price: $90 + $0 materials fee

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