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Guitar Pick Stool

Sam Maloof was a famous, talented woodworker who was known for his sculpted furniture. He lived from 1916 - 2009 out in California where he created his own ways of joining his furniture. The signature "maloof joint" can be seen on his rocking chairs and dining chairs to join the seat to the legs. Sam's work was truly a piece of functional art. It is known that the Maloof rocker is the most comfortable rocking chair ever made. It is all about the smooth contours and shapes that make it easy to fall for as a favorite.

The original idea for this stool came from another talented woodworker Paul Leminski from Canadian Woodworks based out of Ontario, Canada. The stool is designed so a musician (really anyone)can sit in any direction on the stool to play guitar or any instrument. The 3 legs are connected to the guitar pick shaped seat with Maloof joints which are made with the combination of a router and tablesaw. The legs are pre-shaped on the router table with a "doughnut" jig to their round shape. Then they are glued to the seat blank in which then gets shaped with a angle grinder and carving wheel. Any refinement is done with a air powered die grinder and shaping burr, as well as, a rasp. Then finally is the big task of sanding for hours to get the final graceful shape before a finish is applied.


Cherry Guitar Pick Stool
Cherry Guitar Pick Stool

Do you or do you know someone who loves to play guitar? How about making this beautifully shaped guitar pick stool? You will learn the art of power carving with an angle grinder and Kutzall shaping wheel to shape the seat. You will also learn the process of making the signature Maloof joint in which joins the legs to the seat. In just one weekend  you will go home with a completed stool to do some final sanding and applying a finish. 

Key Points

  • Using an angle grinder to shape wood easily

  • Understand the Maloof joint

  • Using a router to pre-shape furniture legs

  • Using the combination of a die grinder & rasp to shape transitions in furniture

Class Size: 3 Students (2 session weekend class)


  • TBD @ 9:00am - 5:30pm


The wood choices include: Maple, Cherry, Walnut

Price: $800 + materials fee seen below

  • + $90 for Maple

  • + $110 for Cherry

  • + $190 for Walnut


Tools Required:

  1. Paper/pencil and notebook (for note taking if you wish)

  2. Safety glasses & goggles (for using the angle grinder), ear protection, dust mask

  3. 16ft tape measure

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