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Maloof Rocker

The Maloof rocking chair is an iconic piece of furniture that was developed by Sam Maloof. It seamlessly flows from the headrest to the rockers as if it was carved from a single piece of wood. In this class you will: 1) build & sculpt chair seat 2) create the signature Maloof joint 3) use the combinations of the rasps, spokeshaves, and sandpaper to smooth out transitions 4) learn how to create bent laminated back slats 5) create swooping armrests 6) fit the headrest and rockers to the rocker frame 7) assemble the rocker with GRK screws 8) learn the methods of finishing the rocking chair.


Throughout this class you will master the bandsaw, tablesaw., router, router table, jointer, planer, and many hand tools. This is an excellent class to take to gain more experience in the shop and learn the art of chair making.


NOTE: This is not a class recommended for a beginner woodworker. It is a fast pace class and you need to know at least the basics to take it. If you really want to make the Maloof rocker, and you are a total beginner woodworker, I would highly recommend contacting me to do this class as a private 1 on 1 class. If you choose to go this route the class will be based off of the private lessons rate of $80/hour and be charged per hour lessons versus a fixed price.

For the rocker in this class you will be making it out of walnut. If you want to make it out of another wood, please email me so that you can sign up for this class and I will tell you the amount of wood needed.

Key Points

  • Learning the process of bent laminations

  • Using Kutzall carving wheels to sculpt a chair seat

  • Mastering the use of the bandsaw

  • Incorporating hand tools into your work

Class Size: 2 Students (8 session class)


  • May 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th Thursdays & Fridays @ 9:00am - 5:30pm

Price: $3200 + $700 materials fee

Note: Since this is a large project class it will be broken down into 2 payments. The first payment will be due prior to class. Then the second payment 1/2 way thru the class. If you would like to pay all up front then you must select both payments when in cart.

Tools Required:

  1. Paper/pencil and notebook (for note taking if you wish)

  2. Safety glasses, ear protection, dust mask

  3. 16ft tape measure

  4. Sharpie fine tipped marker


Cherry Rocker Deck.jpg
Walnut Maloof Rock.jpg
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