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Private 1 on 1 Classes

We offer private woodworking classes for the beginner, all the way to the advanced woodworker. Whether you want to build a project in a magazine you like, or learn a new skill.

Private lessons cost $80/hr with a minimum of 3hrs. If you are interested, please give me a call (516)-381-1046 or email me what you would like to build or learn. Then we can meet an go over the topic or build and figure out how many sessions/hours and materials it will take.

Key Points

  • Learn a new technique you want to know more about

  • Construct a project with guidance to completion

  • Catered to your needs and schedule 

Class Size: 1 STUDENT ONLY

Dates: call or email for times

Cost: $80/hr w/ minimum of 3 hours

Materials: based on project chosen

Tools Required:

  1. Paper and notebook (for note taking if you wish)

  2. Safety glasses, ear protection, dust mask

  3. Tools required to complete project or techniques performed 

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